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Scalable Solutions to
Urban Problems

Public, Private and Academic Leaders can move cities forward

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“Exponential Organizations can achieve 10 times the impact or output compared to peers.”
Salim Ismail

The situation

Fastrack Institute is a non-profit organization that accelerates technology into society. Together with our member cities, we find cutting edge, scalable solutions to Urban problems. Our focus is entirely on solving urban problems for cities of one million or more citizens.

Our framework, based on the methodology from the book, Exponential Organizations, teaches cities and their citizens how to create solutions to critical problems 10 times faster and 10 times cheaper than previously considered possible.

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The opportunity

Cities are the future. Using accelerating technologies and the exponential organizations methodology delivered via the Fastrack framework, we can provide scalable solutions to urban problems faced by cities and their citizens.

The solution

The Fastrack framework empowers cities, their leaders, and their citizens, with multidisciplinary teams, to find solutions for critical civic problems. It is a comprehensive process that rapidly establishes design solutions, governance approaches and regulatory frameworks.






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The output


Acceleration of the electrification of transportation and biologically inspired solutions to data sharing and management.


Health solutions focused on preventative health and wellness and intervention at just the right time.

Financial Inclusion

The financial inclusion solutions created leveraged blockchains, distributed autonomous organizations, and other exponential technologies.

Air Quality

The city of Medellín requested an Air Quality Fastrack focusing on the growing problem in the region.

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The success stories

The framework delivers companies with product-market fit and scalable repeatable business models:.

Cuidar.me is a platform that aims to increase the wellbeing of its users by becoming part of their daily lives providing content, communications, gamification and services that will foster a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risks of diseases.

Cuidar.me’s most important asset is people, and cuidar.me will connect people to any other services or partners that may empower users and increase their wellbeing.

The future

1000 cities running Fastracks every year:


Fastracks per city

Imagine 1000 cities producing 8 solutions per year and sharing them with each other all around the globe. We do.


More efficient

We generate solutions that cost less in substantially less time than traditional frameworks.


Weeks per Fastrack

A Fastrack is an intensive process that delivers meaningful, scalable solutions.

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“The opportunities for cities to leapfrog into the exponential new world by dealing with bits and algorithms rather than remaining stuck with dealing with atoms is of monumental importance.”
Rodrigo Arboleda

The next step

Solving urban problems through a Fastrack changes the approach to resolving issues and accelerates the adoption of technologies.

Fastracks are measurable, scalable process frameworks that impact cities by leveraging technology and information.

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