The duality of Bogotá:

a big opportunity to change

Bogotá is full of charismatic and hard-working people and is on it’s way to establish itself as the leading city in the region. However, something that has been overshadowing all social, economic, and technological growth is the lack of trust in institutions, specifically in the judicial area.

Multiple institutions in the private sector have come together to propose solutions via the Fastrack Framework. They are calling the initiative: Transformational Leadership in the Justice Sector; Technology & Values for Change. This is a joint initiative between the MIT Dalai Lama Center for Ethics whom will be focusing on the values and cultural change and Fastrack Institute, focused on technology.

In initial workshops held in both areas, a representative group of people from the justice sector (academic, public & private) concluded there must be improvement in the values of efficiency, transparency, agility & systemized information.With the help of the technology that facilitates the handling of information and big data, it is possible to reduce opportunities for corruption in the system. In this Fastrack,  solutions will be devised in order to improve the current situation.

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