Bogotá Fastrack

Transformational Leadership in the Justice Sector: Innovation and Values for Change

The sponsors of the project intend to revolutionize the justice sector in Colombia through transformational leadership using accelerating exponential technologies based on a deep foundation of shared values. The advance of new technologies allows us to solve the greatest challenges of humanity, but innovation and new technologies will only be a fundamental engine of progress and change if they are framed within a clear value system.

The initiative is focused on strengthening organizations and institutions that form the justice sector in Colombia with a combination of three key elements:

Leadership and Strategy

Techonology and Innovation

Culture and Values

Working closely with project sponsors & allies in the judicial sector with the direct commitment of the presidents from the High Courts, Fastrack Institute will facilitate the exponential technologies and innovation aspects of the initiative via the Fastrack process. We will take into consideration the achieved advances and also the initiatives on course on this particular matter and we will be generating synergies with the parallel work of the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformational Values, which will focus on the leadership, culture and values aspects of the initiative.

The Justice Fastrack will be conducted in Bogotá, a vibrant city on its way to establishing itself as the leading city in the region. It is a city full of charismatic and hard-working people; The initiatives that will be generated will take into account the point of view and contribution from the local leaders and particularly the colombian judicial actors.

The process

The Fastrack process has uncovered several key opportunities to be addressed, as expressed by individuals and stakeholder groups participating in the AWAKE and ALIGN stage working sessions where transparency & efficiency have been prioritized:

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Perception of trust in institutions

There is a great opportunity to increase the perception of trust in institutions (including the judicial sector) that will ultimately generate social, economic and technological growth in Colombia.


Congestion in judicial proceedings

The technological infrastructure of the judicial sector should ease the congestion in judicial proceedings, and it is an investment that must be continuously reviewed and increased.


The risk of lack of confidence and transparency

The judicial system in Colombia has many positive aspects but there is a need to monitor the risk of lack of confidence and transparency that could negatively impact certains sectors of the country.


Automation of extensive manual processes

With technology and automation of extensive manual processes the judicial system can be made more efficient.


Accessibility and organization of information

Accessibility and organization of information needs to be a priority in the judicial system in order to facilitate decision-making in terms of administration, governance and logistics and transparency; it could be extended and made more open and inclusive to the different parties involved.


Justice reforms and to monitor them

There is now a good opportunity to implement effective justice reforms and to monitor them effectively.


Strong synergy between institutions

Education is the pillar of the judicial system and only through a strong synergy between academia, the judicial sector, the business community and all the stakeholders, better results can be achieved.


Justice Sector Allies

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Bogota is the capital of Colombia and  the largest city in the country. It is considered a center for art, culture, diversity and innovation and it also stands out for its economic strength, the attraction of global companies and the abundance of human capital.

Bogota perfectly combines green spaces with ancient and modern architecture. It is a beautifully chaotic city that has begun a social, cultural and technological transformation in order to establish itself as a leading city full of opportunities in Latin America.

The city

Bogota is a cosmopolitan city with more than 8 million inhabitants that has positioned itself as one of the main business centers of South America. It is the ideal entrance for the Latin American market due to its privileged location, being catalogued as one of the most important air connection centers towards North America & Europe.

The progress

Bogota, a land of brave, intense and smart people wants to move forward. The Fastrack Institute is here to contribute.

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