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Innovate for Africa

Join us in crowdsourcing and identifying the most pressing challenges in Africa.

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The context

Africa is at a crossroads. The continent is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth. Nearly 50% of the world’s 40 fastest-growing economies are in Africa. Transcontinental free trade is connecting Africa, strengthening the region and benefiting over 1 billion people. Half of Africa’s nations experienced changes in political leadership within the last three years.

The challenge

With enormous growth come equally enormous challenges.


Climate change drastically impacts every corner of the continent.


Political and technological disruption is rapidly displacing people.


The median age of an African is 19.5, the youngest in the world, while the average African president is 62.

The invitation

It’s more critical now than ever to implement citizen-led ideas and solutions to the region’s greatest challenges. It’s why Fastrack Institute is proud to announce this open innovation challenge, for all citizens of Africa. Join us in envisioning an Africa, made for and by the people.

By participating in this Fastrack Innovation Challenge, you will get access to top industry and regional leaders to help identifying pressing challenges in a community prepared to tackle these issues together. We will be working with local partners to help implement this challenge’s solutions.

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How it works

Phase 1

Citizens register the most pressing problems they would like to address through this open innovation challenge. Citizens can view, comment, and vote on other submissions. At the end of this phase, the top ideas will proceed to the next phase for an innovation sprint guided by Fastrack Institute. We welcome any resident in the continent of Africa to participate.

Phase 2

After Phase 1 closes, we will announce the top submissions based on citizens’ input and review from top leaders across the region. We invite citizens, innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, cities, regions, and institutions across Africa to get involved in actioning this phase. Fastrack Institute welcomes the opportunity to engage with citizens, partners, and sponsors to implement this challenge’s outcomes — just get in touch with us below.

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What issues should Africa be focused on? 


Submit what you think are the region’s most pressing challenges that you would like to solve.

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