Medellín is the capital of the department of Antioquia in the Aburrá Valley. The city and its citizens have shown determination and resilience in the face of complex challenges. Today, Medellín is recognized globally as one of the most innovative cities in Latin America and in the world. Its successes at attracting companies, technology, venture capital, young talent have been impressive. As the pilot city for the Fastrack Framework, Medellín stands alone in its willingness to innovate at scale.

The city

The city has undergone an incredible transformation in the past twenty years. Shifting from a fear-filled and uncertain past, multiple social inclusion projects focused around massive transportation such as metro cables connecting metro

lines to the top of the mountains, electric staircases that run through entire neighborhoods to shorten commutes, and public areas focused on building tight knit communities, the city has regained hope for a positive future.

The regional team

César Castro

Colombia – United States

Diana Pérez


Regional Member Organizations

“With FTI I have discovered new and interesting ways of doing things, I have met great people, and I have been able to apply all my knowledge to create positive impact for society.”
Pablo Angel
Founding Partner XConsulting 

The progress

Medellin is the most advanced city to date in its implementation of the Fastrack process.

The achievement

A strong network can produce a systematic flow of solutions


Fastracks to date

Improving health, air quality, mobility and financial inclusion.


Solutions to date

Imagine 1000 cities producing 8 solutions per year and sharing them with each other all around the globe. We do.


ExO Awareness # of People

Solutions from people, for people.

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Example Solution

This is one example of the solution from the Health and Wellbeing Fastrack in Medellín. was created to Make Wellbeing Contagious. In addition to solutions are accelerating in Financial Inclusion, Mobility, Health and Well-being, and Air Quality.

The next step

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