Miami, the second largest city in the state of Florida, has a rich and rewarding multicultural identity. It is home to more than 1.400 multinational corporations, and acts as a major centre and leader in commerce, culture, finance, tourism, media, international trade, arts and entertainment. Miami has begun to absorb key entrepreneurial, tech, and creative trends, becoming a hub for startups and innovation attracting core investors and businesses to create positive impact on a global scale.

The city

Miami- Dade, home to over 2.7 million residents, continues to experience spectacular growth and development spanning over the past two decades.The city is leveraging exponential technologies to create long-term sustainable mobility solutions.

This can be achieved by integrating emerging technologies and developments with the greatest public, private, and academic assets.This challenge could become a golden opportunity to shape Miami’s future as well as catapult the city to become a leader in mobility by solving mass transit issues.

The regional team

Eldredge Bermingham, PhD

United States

María José Hidalgo

United States

Regional Member Organizations

Collaborating with Fastrack and its team has given Rokk3r Labs and myself profound insight into the biggest problem cities face. To solve these problems not only changes the world, it provides exponential business opportunities that have a purpose.
Germán Montoya
Cofounder Rokk3r Labs

The progress

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The achievement

A strong network can produce a systematic flow of solutions


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