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Introducing… Educatefor.Life!

Join us to collaborate and to DISRUPT the field of Education and Learning using exponential innovation!

The invitation

Fastrack Institute is proud to be a key sponsor and active partner of the Educatefor.Life open innovation initiative. You are invited to join this global collaborative effort to share insights and design cutting-edge ways of delivering education and lifelong learning for 10x better outcomes in a world of accelerating change.

The Fastrack and Exponential Organizations methodologies will be used to facilitate an experimental Global Open Innovation Sprint, where anyone with a background or interest in the future Education and Learning of any type is invited to participate, either as a Participant, Advisor, Coach, Disruptor, Investor, Sponsor or simply as an interested observer. This ambitious initiative will be led and facilitated by ExO methodology guru Lars Lin Villebaek.

How it works

A global launch of the 12-week Sprint is planned for January 2019. It will be hosted virtually via Zoom online video-conferencing, so you can participate with people around the world from the comfort of your computer or device. Expected participants include students (from all levels), parents, businesses, educational Institutions (from all levels), city stakeholders, innovators, thought leaders in exponential technologies, investors and other interested parties.

We invite citizens, educators, cities, regions and institutions around the world to get involved throughout this initiative, starting by sharing this announcement far and wide with those who should participate and benefit from this exponential learning and collaboration experience. Fastrack Institute welcomes the opportunity to engage and support participants and sponsors to implement this project’s outcomes within their areas of influence and customizable to local needs and context.

Join us!

Please join the Educatefor.Life team for an introductory 90-minute Zoom call on December 18, 2018 at 1pm Pacific Time/4 pm EST to prepare for the official launch of the Sprint in January 2019. We will share further details about the initiative and how you and your communities can participate.

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For questions, please contact info@fti.team.